How Coupon Codes and Credit Cards Help Reduce Household Debt

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Excessive debt places a higher than necessary amount of responsibility on the average family within the United States. In an attempt to own the largest home on the block or the most luxurious automobile, consumers tend to live beyond reasonable means. Many consumers saddle themselves with debt that may take decades to repay. Using a more disciplined approach toward spending, you may be able avoid a few financial pitfalls.


The use of coupons while shopping can save you even more money. Several well-known coupon websites provide weekly tips and strategies to save a bundle on food, baby products, prescriptions, personal items and household cleaning supplies. The best part is, these coupon websites are 100% free to visit and use. There are even specialty coupon websites for particular niches, like web hosting, travel, and more. If you want a promo code for GoDaddy (a domain registrar) or a digital ocean promo code (a hosting company), there are freely available promo codes for both.

Your investment, often less than two dollars each week, could enable you to find coupons in your Sunday newspaper to use toward items that you need. Coupons can greatly reduce your shopping costs.

Credit Card Debt

The use of plastic to obtain items before paying for them could facilitate a reckless life style. In fact, credit card companies bank on it. Many consumers get excited upon receiving instant approval credit cards for bad credit. They tend to come with a generous high-credit limit and an above-average interest rate. Initially, you may believe the card will only be used for emergencies or that you will pay off the balance in full each month, due to the high interest rate. If you start down this path and perform just as you envisioned, other credit card companies might begin to notice how responsible you are. As additional credit cards arrive in the mail you could begin to use the credit card with the most attractive terms more often. Generally, the pattern continues until you’re wondering if you really spent as much as each monthly statement shows. Using your credit cards sparingly or in emergencies is often an ideal method toward avoiding and reducing your debt.

Fast Food Purchases

In addition to healthier alternatives, home cooked meals are easier on your wallet. Restaurants that serve fast food have every intention to entice you to increase your appetite with mouth-watering photos of oversized burgers, thick and creamy milkshakes, as well as an assortment of other costly desserts. You’ll fare worse if you’re buying dinner for your family. Instead, visit your local grocery store to buy items that you’ll prepare at home. Avoiding the dine-in or drive-thru restauraunts can help reduce your spending costs.   

Tracking Spending

Keep a journal or use programs such as Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet that is used to track your spending patterns. Review your entries at the end of each month to determine additional ways that you may be able to save money.

Daily Spending Habits


Review your daily spending habits too. Fewer lattes or splurges from your favorite coffee shop or bakery could help reduce the amount of your daily spending. Taking several snack items that you like to work can also help you avoid the vending machine splurges. 


If you monitor your spending habits more closely, you can work on a diligent approach toward reducing your debt. Reducing your discretionary spending could enable you to apply the savings to your bank account and toward some of your other debts.


How to Find the Best Coupon Codes For Amazon

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Amazon is a giant. It is the largest e-commerce company in the United States, having made a massive 136 billion in net sales in 2016. It got this big by streamlining their sales and fulfillment systems, enabling them to undercut their competition on price. What does it mean when a retailer tries to win the market through low prices? That’s right, deals!

Amazon regularly offers great deals — sometimes up to 90% off — but you’re not likely to find them if you just go to the site and start searching. You can google search external coupon websites to find the right promo code, but it’ll take time and patience.

If you want to find the best deals on Amazon, you will need time, patience, and the tips laid out for you below.

Today’s Deals

Coupons — there are dozens of Amazon coupons available on the web. these work just the same way as traditional paper coupons. Just find a discount you want, click “Clip Coupon,” and then add the product to your basket. The discount will be applied when you check out.

Amazon has helpfully set up some deal pages that you can use to find good deals on the site. To see them, go to and click “Today’s Deals” underneath the search bar.

Once you’re in the deals area, you can filter by department, review rating and so on as usual, but you have a few extra options. The key additions are the “Discount” filter, where you can filter by the percentage discount, and “Deal Type,” where you get to choose from different promotions:

Deal of the Day — a special discount on a product for the current day only.

Lightning Deals — Amazon’s lightning deals are a discount limited by time or by the number of sales. In the product list, you’ll see how much of the discounted stock has already gone, and the time remaining, after which the deal is over.

Prime Early Access Deals — If you’re an Amazon Prime member, this option lets you beat the crowd by accessing some Lightning Deals 30-minutes before everyone else.

Savings and Sales — ongoing promotions that are not as time-limited as the above options.

Tip: When you’re on the product list pages, the “Sort By” drop-down menu at the top right of the product list enables you to sort the results by discount, high to low.

If you look at the top of the Today’s Deals page, you’ll see that a new menu bar has appeared. These options help you find other deals on Amazon. Here’s a rundown of each one:

Watched Deals

When you’re on the main Today’s Deals page, there is a filter called “Availability.” If you set this to “Upcoming” deals, you’ll see, well, upcoming deals. Each deal listed has a button labeled “Watch this deal.” Click this to keep track of deals, and come to the Watched Deals page to review all the deals you’re watching. If you’re shopping with the Amazon app, you will receive a notification when the promotions start.


This section is another way to see the Coupons that you can currently use, and you can also view all of the coupons that you have now clipped.


Amazon’s Outlet is just like the bricks-and-mortar equivalent, offering significant discounts on any brand-new stock that isn’t selling well, or that Amazon has overstocked. In the Outlet, you’ll find deals on a range of goods, including clothing, electronics, and jewelry.

Open Box and Used

This option takes you to the Amazon warehouse, where you can get deals on second-hand, ex-display, or otherwise used products. Each listing has a quality rating, which could range from new to extensively damaged, so check this carefully. Be aware that prices and availability of used goods can fluctuate wildly.

Digital Deals

This section lists deals on digital products, including, Kindle books, music, mobile apps, movies, audio books, video games, computer software, and digital magazines. Because these are digital products with no overhead costs to deliver, you can score some amazing discounts here. In fact, you can quite often get a book, album or movie completely free!

Woot! Deals

This page is essentially a portal to, a quirky and irreverent deals site that Amazon purchased in 2010. Woot is a kind of outlet store, mainly stocking overproduced and end-of-life products, similar to the Amazon Outlet.

Alexa Deals

Amazon also offers deals exclusively to users of its Alexa device and apps. Alexa is a personal assistant that you speak to — that’s why these deals are called “Voice Deals.” On this page, you’ll see a list of some of the Alexa deals on offer, but alternatively, you can just ask Alexa, “What are your deals?”

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members get access to exclusive deals and cost-saving measures, but as there’s a fee for membership, it’s mainly beneficial for frequent shoppers. Prime gives you free shipping, access to a range of digital content, and you can get 5% off any purchase made with the Prime Credit Card.

Subscribe & Save

With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you get discounts on certain items if you “subscribe.” That means if you subscribe to five items each month, you can put them on automatic order and receive a discount.

Off-Site Tools

There are several sites outside of Amazon that offer tools for tracking or filtering products on For example, “camelcamelcamel” or “the trackor” enables you to see how prices have fluctuated over time. There are also many “Discount Finder” tools out there, which work in a similar way to Amazon’s interface on the “Today’s Deals” page, but usually with a few extra options.

Holiday Deals

Amazon is developing quite the reputation for its holiday sales: Bank Holiday Sales, Black Friday Sales, Christmas Sales, and of course Amazon Prime Day. Keep an eye on the homepage and subscribe to Amazon’s marketing emails to stay in the loop on these.

Amazon has been accused of artificially raising prices in the run up to deal events so that they can slash these inflated prices and claim you’re making huge discounts. That where the price tracking sites come in handy — check the price trends to see if you’re getting a deal.

Study Up

The keys to finding deals are time, patience, and research. With Amazon being such a huge site, it’s easy to miss some of the great deals that they offer. But if you keep an eye on Amazon’s deal pages, use the app to get notifications on upcoming deals, and keep an eye on price trends with one of the price tracking sites, you’re well on your way to becoming a savvy Amazon shopper.